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Gitanmaax Community Engagement on a Proposed 10-Year Agreement with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

The Gitanmaax Band is reaching out to inform you of Council’s intention to enter into a new 10-year funding agreement with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) (formerly AANDC and INAC). As promised at this year’s AGM, Council has commissioned an engagement process to ensure all members are informed of this funding agreement direction and have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and/or share their support.

From April to end of May, we will be sharing information and asking for input from members. We are using three ways for you to receive information and share your ideas:

  1. Door to door information summary and survey

  2. Online information summary and survey

  3. Two in person engagement sessions (lunch and dinner) on May 27, which will also include a zoom meeting element for people living away from home

We invite you to participate in any of these ways to have your voice heard. All of the information shared will be developed into a summary report called: “What we heard.” This report will be presented to Council and available to members. More details are to come for the engagement session on May 27.

Also, look out for the paper version of the survey in your mailbox! We will be sending these very soon.

Here is the link to the online survey for all people wanting to engage in this way:

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