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The Children Winter Clothing Allowance Returns for Another Year

The Gitanmaax Band is now accepting applications for the Children Winter Clothing Allowance form. Parents who fill out the form and meet all the requirements can receive $250 per child. (Parents must fill out a form for each child.)

In order to qualify, the child must be registered with the Gitanmaax Band and be between the ages of Newborn to 18 years of age. This is for members on and off reserve. Attach information from your Bank identifying your banking information. This is crucial for Direct Deposit.

The steps for the application are as follows:

1. Complete one form for each child that is in your care. Please indicate if there has been any change in your banking information. If there has been a change you will need to provide a copy of a void cheque.

2. Email forms to or fax 250-842-6364.

3. Payments for applications received by September 30, 2022 will be issued Friday, October 14, 2022. To avoid an overload on our phone system please email to confirm that your application was received. If you need to phone the office please ask for Elaine.

4. Payments for applications received between September 30th and October 17th will be issued by October 31, 2022. Any applications received after October 31st will be issued on a weekly basis until December 2, 2022

The deadline to apply for the 2022 Winter Clothing Allowance is November 30th, 2022.

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