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Communications Department


The overall goal of the Gitanmaax Communications Office will be to develop, create and oversee communications materials as it relates to the Gitanmaax Band.

The Communications Coordinator will coordinate the development of a communications plan and oversee the daily administration of that plan.

Based on this, it is essential to design and implement an effective communications plan in order to provide membership with updated information on the Band's Programs and current initiatives.

Communication Department Functions

  • Develop and Maintain Gitanmaax Band Websites

  • Produce a weekly Gitanmaax Band Newsletter

  • Establish and improve communication strategies with Gitanmaax Band businesses and operations.

  • Maintain our brand in a way that our people will be proud of.


Gitanmaax Band Newsletter

The Gitanmaax Band Newsletter is handed out weekly on Thursday's with garbage pickup. The function of our newsletter is to update our members with current events, updates and news relative to our band as a whole.

If you wish to have something included in the next newsletter, please send it to and it will be included at the discretion of the communications coordinator.

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