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Monica Green

Band Membership Statistics (February 2020)

The following is the statistical data for

Gitanmaax Band membership; (February 2020)


  Total Gitanmaax Membership  2456

  Off Reserve  1656

  On Reserve Band Members        800

  Members of other Bands on Reserve     109  

  Non-status on reserve                  18

INAC ID Requirements

This is to advise that Indian & Northern Affairs Canada has implemented ID requirements for status card applications.  This policy must be followed even if the issuing officer personally knows applicant.   If an issuing officer fails to follow these new requirements, they may lose the authority to issue status cards.

Acceptable Identification for Status Card Issuance:

  • Must apply in person.

  • Must return current status card even if expired or must complete lost declaration.

  • All ID must be originals and not expired except for status cards as below. 

  • Absolutely no photocopied or certified copies of ID or SIN Cards accepted.


For applicants 16 years and Over:

  • One Primary ID

  • Valid Canadian Passport (cannot be expired) OR

  • New hard plastic Secure Status Card that has not been expired for more than 6 months.

With COVID-19 ISC is not sending new status cards.  They have put out a notice that expiry dates be ignored.

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