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Lands Office

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In September 2018 Gitanmaax Band resumed the responsibilities for the Reserve Land Environmental Management Program (RLEMP).  As capacity develops within the office, the Band will progress from the current “Development Level” to the “Operational Level” where Gitanmaax will have increased responsibility for all Gitanmaax reserve lands, resources and environmental management under the Indian Act.  


The Band’s Land management activities and initiatives are also guided by the Gitanmaax Infrastructure & Community Services Committee (ICSC) who makes recommendations to Gitanmaax Council.  Many projects, activities and initiatives in Land Management are not funded in the program budgets or addressed under the Indian Act and therefore the Committee provides guidance to the Lands Office and makes recommendations to Council.   

Available Services

At this time the Lands Office may assist Band Members with:


  • Land Allotment Requests (for Certificates of Possession),

  • Estate Administration (completion of forms for land transfers),

  • Survey Commissioning,

  • Indian Land Registry System searches (Certificate of Possession searches),

  • Supply of copies of Survey Plans and Lot Boundary survey pin locating.

The Gitanmaax Lands Office is located at the First Nations High School at 4125 River Road in Hazelton, B.C.   The Office is staffed by a Lands Officer Assistant – Norman Sampson Jr. who is currently enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan, and is working under the mentorship of Eilleen Joseph.  Eilleen has formal, academic education in land and resources management from various post secondary institutions and she has provided land management services for Gitanmaax Band for approximately 13 years.     


For any inquiries the Gitanmaax Lands Office may be contacted at any time from Monday – Thursday at (778) 641-4116 or by email

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