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Joe Derrick

Finance Department

The Gitanmaax Band Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the Band’s financial records. Maintaining integrity and objectivity of the financial records is essential in ensuring that all stakeholders receive timely and accurate reporting of financial results. Stakeholders include: Band membership; Chief and Council; other Band Departments and programs; and funders such as Indigenous Services Canada and First Nations Health Authority.

The Finance Department operates out of the Gitanmaax Band Office and is overseen by Joe Derrick, Finance Manager.  The Finance Manager ensures that all departments operate within their budgets as well as ensuring that all payments adhere to our Policy and Procedure.  The Gitanmaax Band fiscal year runs from April 1st of each year through to March 31st of the following year.  Audits are performed by an Accounting firm on an annual basis each year with the final reports being presented to the Gitanmaax Community.

Finance Functions

The Finance Department has the following functions:

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Deposits

  • Manages the general ledger listings for all departments

  • Processes payroll

  • Budget preparation

  • Oversees accounts payable and accounts receivable operations

  • Pension plan, group insurance benefit administration

  • Oversees the financial function of the Social Development Program

In addition, the Finance Manager also attends meetings as required and preforms other tasks such as proposal research.


Gitanmaax Band Finance Manager - Joe Derrick

Joe Derrick comes from the village of Gitanyow and Wilps Gwass Hlaam. Mr. Derrick was raised in Gitanyow and Terrace before moving away from the region for academic and work opportunities.

More than twenty years since completing his first stint in post-secondary education, Joe has worked in the banking and financial management field providing services to both large for-profit corporations and non-profit governmental organizations and agencies in Gitxsan lax yip.

Mr. Derrick has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting major) degree, as well as  a Masters of Business degree conferred upon him by the University of Northern British Columbia.

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