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Fire Department


Rejean Jack - Fire Chief

Fire Department Functions

  • Develop, review and implement all fire fighting policies and procedures in accordance with the appropriate legislation

  • Establish appropriate fire fighting techniques

  • Plan fire fighting strategies

  • Assist/Liaise with Gitanmaax Community Emergency Plan

  • Ensure fire fighting policies and procedures are strictly adhered to

  • Make recommendations on fire fighting by-law

  • Recruit, train and direct the activities of volunteer fire fighters

  • Facilitate the training of volunteer fire fighters

  • Inspect fire fighting equipment & Make recommendations on replacement

  • Inspect the fire truck on a regular basis

  • Make inspections of Gitanmaax Business to ensure compliance with regulations

  • Takes sole command in the event of a fire in order to ensure a safe, effective and controlled response

  • Investigate the cause of fire once it has been extinguished

  • Prepare/Maintain records on incidence of fire, injuries and loss of property

  • Prepare reports on all areas of fire fighting (Annual AANDC  Fire Report)

  • Monitor the firefighting budget

  • Implement fire prevention education and awareness programs

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