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Education Services

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Post-Secondary Services

The Gitanmaax Education Department is responsible for the provision of services to members who require assistance in the following post secondary areas:

  • Career Counselling

  • Assistance with Completing Post-Secondary Applications

  • Assistance with Completing Scholarship Applications

  • Administration of funds to approved full-time Gitanmaax Post-Secondary students

  • Administration of funds to approved part-time Gitanmaax Post-Secondary students for tuition and book payments

Language Nest

The vision of our Language Nest is that all children and adults attending will become fluent speakers of the Gitksan language; that culturally relevant materials and programming will be provided for all our children; and that the program will provide a healthy and safe environment for all our children between the ages of 0 to 4 years of age.

Our center and community will aim to guide parents and students’ learning in a way that includes our language, culture and traditions. 

Our educational program will give our students the tools to understand themselves and the world around them and enable them to live independent lives

Pansy Wright-Simms

Elementary / Highschool Services

The Gitanmaax Education Department is responsible for the provision of services to members who require assistance in the following Elementary/High School  areas;

  • Assistance to parents/children with high school course selections

  • Advocacy and support to parents/children dealing with educational concerns 

  • Implementation of local support services to students requiring assistance in tutoring, when   funds permit

  • Sharing of information with elementary/high school students on scholarship and grant opportunities assistance in completing applications

  •  Administration of high school student allowance program

Gitanmaax Nursery School

The Gitanmaax Nursery school has a full time teacher as well as a full time teacher’s aide.  The nursery school provides bus service to and from school each day.

The Gitanmaax Nursery school also provides Gitksan language and culture program three days a week for both classes.  This program has been a huge success. 

This year the Gitanmaax Nursery school has gone through the school assessment process and just became a certified school.  Our school is the first school in the province to receive certification at the K-4 level.  This is very exciting for our program.  The Gitanmaax Nursery School is also currently going through the teacher certification process and has completed the Professional Learning Community which will be implemented this fall.

Gitanmaax Day Care

The Gitanmaax Daycare programs are based on the importance of nurturing each child’s self-concept and enhancing his/her development by providing many successful experiences.  We feel that it is vitally important in the early years to provide a variety of experiences which foster brain development, realizing that this is critical for each child to develop to their fullest potential.

We believe it is important to introduce your children to areas that will encourage their natural curiosity and exploration of their surroundings.  The use of hands-on manipulative activities will enrich concept development and enhance intellectual development.  Motor development is an equally important component.  Our play equipment and activities are designed to facilitate physical strength, agility, and coordination.  Children are provided with many opportunities to learn and practice social skills such as: taking turns, good manners, problem solving, and communication with other children and adults.

Our emphasis is on a well-rounded program for children, that is designed with their developmental needs in mind.  We feel each child is special, and this is evident through the individual attention and care each child receives at our center.

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