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Social Development - Community Initiatives

Jenn Robinson


Gitanmaax Helping Hands

The Gitanmaax Helping Hands is an initiative to get our Gitxsan youth work experience and a strong work ethic before moving on to part-time and permanent work. Established in 2017, the Helping Hands have assisted businesses such as the Ksan Campground, Ksan Village, Gitanmaax Band and community projects such as the community garden and various elders in Gitanmaax.

Open calls for Helping Hands are done annually in the summer for youth aged 13-19.

You can find our official Gitanmaax Helping Hands Facebook Page here.


Gitanmaax Soup Bowl

The Gitanmaax Soup Bowl is a program intended to help feed the community. A hot meal can be picked up by Gitanmaax community members at the McGowan building every Monday and Friday. 


You can come to the building and have fresh food cooked by Della Sankey.


Meals on Wheels

This service is for those individuals who are deemed high risk, live alone, or considered an eligible elder.  


A referral is submitted by the Gitanmaax Health and Wellness Centre for this service. 


The meals are balanced, nutritious and diabetic friendly.  Meals are prepared daily, delivered door to door, and provided Monday to Fridays year round with the exception of Christmas Holidays.


The Smokehouse Project

The Smokehouse Project intent is to bring traditional foods onto every families table. Salmon are gutted and preserved alongside the Skeena River and provided to Elders across the community. Families and households also have the option to come and learn how to preserve salmon and can take home what the preserve.


Gitanmaax Dude's Club

The Gitanmaax Dude's Club intends to bring men in the community together and build a positive environment to dudes in our community. The club has participated in many events and has gained notoriety across the province for the work and events they do.

Description on Facebook:

"A place that creates/cultivates ideas/activities for men to take part in that will build/strengthen a sense/feeling of responsibility/belonging. Healthy Men, Healthy community. cooking, sharing responsibilities


Every Tuesday, Every Tuesday, Every Tuesday, Every Tuesday :)"

Join the Dude's Facebook Group


Gitanmaax Community Garden

The community garden is located in the village of Gitanmaax, and is intended for all Gitanmaax Band community members. All community members were encouraged to go to the garden and plant whatever  they; or the community may need during harvesting season.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Gitanmaax Backyard Garden Program" and garden boxes were made available for community members. This was at their requested and for COVID-19 safety reasons.


Christmas Turkey Hampers

Every December the Gitanmaax Band puts together Turkey Hampers that go out to households across Gitanmaax. This initiative is done in collaboration with nearly every group across all departments, clubs and businesses in Gitanmaax.

Like the winter season itself, the Christmas Turkey Hampers truly brings everyone together.

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

Gitanmaax Lunch Program

Hot meals are prepared at both elementary schools, MGA and New Hazelton Elementary each school day. 


The staff are Kitty Mowatt at New Hazelton Elementary and Florence Mowatt at Majagaleehl Gali Aks Elementary School. 

Highschool students get a $50 market card each month.  Lunch hour shuttle service is provided from the high school to the Market return.



Elders in Gitanmaax can receive homemaker service to come to their home and clean. Gitanmaax Band has trained homemakers on staff who are ready to help you.

A referral is submitted by the Gitanmaax Health and Wellness Centre for this service. 


Community Patrol

The Community Patrol works overnight to make sure that Gitanmaax is safe. Our patrol drives around the community to spectate and watch, insuring that our members are secure and can call in help when needed.

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