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Gitanmaax Band Office Staff



Executive Director

250-842-5297 ext. 2005

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Eugenia Colindres

Finance Manager

250-842-5297 ext. 2004


Gerry Woods

Administrative Assistant

250-842-5297 ext. 2010


Dawn Greene

Reception/Admin. Assistant



Jenn Robinson

Social Development

250-842-5297 ext. 2012

Theresa Stevens

Family Support Worker

250-842-5297 ext. 2002

Monica Green 1.jpg
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Monica Green

Housing & Membership

250-842-5297 ext. 2007

Ken Morrison

Capital Projects & Asset Manager

250-842-5297 ext. 2003


Eilleen Joseph

Lands Officer


Norman Sampson

Lands Trainee

MicrosoftTeams-image (5)_edited.jpg

Pansy Wright-Simms

Education Coordinator

250-842-5297 ext. 2006

IMG_4934 (2).JPG

James Woodworth

Director of Family & Children Services

Colton and Taylor Murrell.jpg

Colton & Taylor Murrell

Co-Recreation Directors


Stephen Robinson

Education Assistant


Jocelyne McLean

Family Support Worker

250-842-5297 ext. 2002


Murphy Green

Communications Coordinator



Gitanmaax Fire Chief

Department and External Staff

Gitanmaax Health & Wellness

Bev Clifton-Percival - Health Director

Pam Torres - Health Office Manager

Roxanne Wilson - Patient Travel

Mariah Elliot - LPN

Kari Sargent - LPN

Trish Hockman - PCA

Shakira Sankey-Moore - PCA

Garry Patsey - IRS

Lorraine Moore -PCAP

Zoey Parent - PCAP

Nathan George - Reception

'Ksan Campground

Robert Burns - Manager

Gary Mowatt - 'Ksan Worker

Tri-Town Theatre

Robert Stevens - Theatre Operator

Abigail Stevens - Theatre Assistant

Social Development

Cameron Bolton - Cook, Meals on Wheels

Della Sankey - Cook, Soup Bowl

Rennie Green - Soup Bowl

Florence Mowatt - Cook, MGA

Kitty Mowatt - Cook, NHE

Lucy Wright - Homemaker

Jenn Patsey - Homemaker

Tyrel Tashoots - Homemaker

Adriana Jackson - Community Patrol

Dennis Turner - Community Patrol

Thomas Danes - Smokehouse Project

Education Department

Barbara Parker - Teachers Assistant

James Boyd - On Call Casual

Edna Boyd - Language Nest Supervisor

Marilyn Robinson - Language Nest Assistant

Yvonne Lattie - Elder Mentor

Amanda Moorse - Daycare Supervisor

Kylie Johnson - ECE Educator

Tara Forsythe - ECE Assistant

Blake Morrison - ECE Assistant (Casual)

Vernon Morrison - Bus Driver

Operations and Maintenance

Floyd Moore - O&M Staff

Corey Turner - O&M Staff

Dean Ryan - O&M Staff

Aaron Luff - O&M Staff

Bryan Turner - Recycling Champion

Reuben Morrison- Recycling Champion

Gitanmaax Hall

Tina O'Brien - Hall Manager

Alex Wilson - Hall Staff

Ben Quesnel - Hall Staff

Charlie Robinson - Hall Staff

'Ksan Historical Village & Museum

Pat Marshal - Manager Museum/Printshop

Jenette Mowatt - Customer Service


William Robinson - Janitor (General)

Jessica Rush - Janitor (Education)

Dan Matthews - Janitor (Health)

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