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Reception Desk

General Applications

  • accepted for short-term employment

  • on-call/casual employment ~ Gitanmaax Daycare, Nursery, Language Nest, Class 4 Driver’s Licence

Application Process

Please ensure to read the job posting carefully as each posting has specific application requirements which include: resume, reference letters, cover letter.  As well it can be beneficial to include copies of certificates, tickets, driver’s licence with your application.

Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.

Application Process

To get a criminal record check completed you can go to our local RCMP detachment in New Hazelton during the work week.


Criminal record checks are available for pickup on Fridays with the deadline to request Thursday at noon.  For more information you can contact the New Hazelton detachment at 250-842-5744.

* Please note that record checks for those applicants applying for positions with childcare have a different process.

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