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Announcement - Settlement of the 1948 Surrender Specific Claim

Gitanmaax Chief and Council would like to announce that after 13 years of negotiations, Gitanmaax has reached a tentative agreement with Canada regarding settlement of a long-standing specific claim known as the 1948 Surrender Specific Claim. Over the past few months, Council and staff have been planning and preparing to present the proposed settlement to the Gitanmaax members, who will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed settlement in a ratification vote to be held in the coming months.


In 2001, Gitanmaax filed a specific claim regarding Canada’s breach of several lawful obligations owed in relation to reserve lands surrendered by Gitanmaax in 1948 (the “Specific Claim”). The Specific Claim was accepted by Canada for negotiations in 2009. Gitanmaax’s Chief and Council and negotiators have spent many years pursuing a fair and just resolution.

Under the terms of the settlement, Gitanmaax will receive $6,114,000 in full and final settlement of the Specific Claim, which is intended to benefit the Gitanmaax community as a whole. Gitanmaax Chief and Council are prepared to recommend to the members, the proposed settlement of the Specific Claim. The settlement will need to be approved by the Gitanmaax voters through a ratification vote.

Next Steps

An information package providing further details of the proposed settlement is available for review on Gitanmaax’s website with hard copies available at the Band Office. Gitanmaax members can also request that a copy be sent to them by mail by contacting Norman Sampson at or tel. 778-641-4116. Gitanmaax Chief and Council will also hold an Information Meeting with members before the ratification vote. Please continue to check, Gitanmaax’s main Facebook page, and at the Band Office for further information in the coming weeks.

1948 Surrender Specific Claim Settlement - Information Package
Download • 2.06MB

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ch Remer
ch Remer
18 nov 2022

Where is the map of this settlement area?

Me gusta
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