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Health and Wellness, Job Postings - Changes to

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As of December 22nd, 2021, the Gitanmaax Band website has been changed to reflect the needs of our membership. We have taken a look at how our website has been used and simplified it to make it easier to browse.

We are committed to making our website represent all areas of our organization. This includes our external businesses such as 'Ksan Campground and Tri-town Theatre, as well as our external department - the Health and Wellness Centre. We have created from the ground up a brand new page for the Wellness Centre that can be found at We will be updating this part of the website over the course of next year to reflect all of the Gitanmaax Health and Wellness Centre and Services.

Also new to the site is the Employment tab. This tab will bring you to, a brand new page that will be holding all job postings under the Gitanmaax Band. This should give you the ability to see all the opportunities we are currently offering in our organization - whether it be internally at the Gitanmaax Band or Gitanmaax Health & Wellness Centre, or at one of our businesses such as Ksan Campground or the Gitanmaax Tri-town Theatre.

We are excited to share these changes with you, and are always interested in hearing your thoughts on what else we can add!

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