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Gitanmaax Chief and Council Communique - Current Requests for Allotments of Gitanmaax Reserve Lands at Anlaw

To: All Gitanmaax Band Members

From: Gitanmaax Chief and Council

Re: Current Requests for Allotments of Gitanmaax Reserve Lands at Anlaw

Gitanmaax Chief and Council wish to advise members of the status of current requests for two allotments to receive certificates of possession for Band lands at Anlaw.

The requests for certificates of possession/allotments to Lot 6 and Lot 7-2 at Anlaw are for currently unallotted Band lands. Lot 6 is approximately 23.25 acres, and Lot 7-2 is approximately 68.45 acres.

Band member(s) with a certificate of possession (issued under the Indian Act), have exclusive occupation of the lot shown on the CP. The allotment requests for Lots 6 and 7-2 therefore have undergone a rigorous multi-year review according to a written process reflecting the Band’s past practice.

It is anticipated that Gitanmaax Council members will make final decisions on the two allotment requests in the remaining portion of their current term. Council will receive recommendations from a Council appointed Ad Hoc Committee studying these requests, as per the written policy. Decision options include but are not limited to granting the requested allotments or maintaining the legal status of the lands as unallotted reserve lands for the benefit of the community. Only those Council members not in a conflict of interest situation will participate in the decision making process.

The allotment review process experienced many delays due to the Covid pandemic, various community or committee member crises, and community deaths. There were also turnovers of Council committee members due to conflict of interest and Council elections. Delays were also experienced due to the significant volume of materials and letters provided over the last 3 years by one of the parties involved.

As the Band lands applied for total 91.7 acres, it is critical that the Ad Hoc Committee and Council proceed cautiously with these allotment applications. Neither the Ad Hoc Committee nor Council members will be pressured into making specific decisions as a result of the demands of an applicant for reserve lands. Decisions will be made according to the process set out in the written policy document provided to both parties several years ago. Council stands behind the Ad Hoc Committee, Gitanmaax administrative-technical support staff assisting, and the work that has been done according to the process.

Gitanmaax Council communique to members re Anlaw allotment requests
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